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What Are Gunnibags?

Gunnibags are made from at least 75% retired climbing ropes, and repurposed textiles collected in and around Gunnison, Colorado. These materials can include anything from placemats to curtains, to old clothes. Because Gunnibags are made with collected items, no two Gunnibags will ever be the same.  

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Who Are We?

Veronica Wilde is the Founder of Gunnibags, which began in 2018. She is originally from Seward, Alaska and has been living in Gunnison for about 6 years now. Gunnibags began as a hobby- until realizing the significant need for textile repurposing in the Gunnison Valley- which prompted growth. Veronica handcrafts each bag in Gunnison, Colorado with her two rescue dogs- Leah and Goose. Surrounded by loved ones, supporters, environmental stewards, and dog lovers- Gunnibags has grown to three states, are sold in several boutiques, and are continuing to make a positive impact- both on our homeless animals, as well as on our landfills. 

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Why Do We Care?

More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States, and that amount has doubled over the last 20 years. In 2014, over 16 million tons of textile waste was generated (EPA). WE THINK THAT IS TOTALLY BONKERS. So, Gunnibags tracks some of that stuff down- and we turn it into awesome bags just for you. This little globe we are all on won't be around forever. So make lifestyle changes, take a stand, and learn something new every chance you get. 

Contact Us |  Tel: 970.901.2685

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