10% of GunniBag's revenue goes to Gunnison Underdog Rescue!

So...Gunnibags does more than just prevent textiles from going into a landfill, we support the doggos too! 

(If you support people that repeatedly breed their dogs, get off of our page)

Do you have a rope to donate?

For every full sized retired climbing rope, GunniBags will give you a discount code for a Gunnibag of your own! Sometimes we have ropes coming out of every crevice of our work space and don't need more- but reach out to us to find out if we are running low!

Who are we?

 I started Gunnibags as a hobby, and quickly realized that there was a larger need for textile recycling in the Gunnison Valley than I had thought. I moved from Alaska to Gunnison, Colorado where I put myself through my undergraduate working night shifts and sometimes taking up to 21 credit hours a semester. I am now working full time and going to graduate school to obtain my MBA. Gunnibags is a passion I have chosen to turn into something more- which is why you're here! My partner John helps with the ropes, gromets, and cutting (shout out to the k-12 teachers working multiple jobs to teach the youth of tomorrow). Our four legged companion Leah likes to lay under my feet while I sew and is full of sass, love, cuddles, farts and kisses and we wouldn't have it any other way. We hope you like the bags. We love them, almost as much as we love Leah..... except our Gunnibags don't come with the sass or farts (promise). Scroll down to see how buying a Gunnibag helps dogs like Leah!

What are Gunnibags?

Gunnibags are made from AT LEAST 75% recycled material, collected in and around Gunnison Valley. Materials can include: shower curtains, blankets, table cloths, pillow cases, sheets, old shirts, really anything we can get our hands on, and all of the handles on our bags are made from retired climbing ropes. Since our bags are made from recycled textiles, no two GunniBags will EVER be the same. The size of our bags varies slightly with each one as well, since we're kind of 'just eyeball it' people.

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Why do we care?

(And why should you?)

More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States, and the amount has doubled over the last 20 years. In 2014, over 16 million tons of textile waste was generated, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. We started this as a hobby- and then we realized we could make an impact- SO we take our time to track down the stuff that might end up in a landfill, and we make adorable bags for you to enjoy rather than using plastic bags.  This cute little globe we're all on won't be around forever- so make lifestyle changes, take a stand, learn something new. 

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